The Coerenza Approach

Putting Care Back Into Veterinary Care

Coerenza means Coherence. Coherence is the logical connection between parts within a system, resulting in a unified whole.

The Coerenza Approach looks at the whole animal in an effort to assess all of the ways quality of life could be improved. This approach is built on five cornerstones: Exercise, Environment, Enrichment, Nutrition and Responsibility.

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The Five Cornerstones:

We propose that by educating and aligning these cornerstones with owners, veterinarians and veterinary staff, we can partner together to create a better path of pet ownership that benefits everyone involved. By addressing these core pillars we also aim to offer support for the mental and emotional well being of every pet we treat.


Regular exercise plays a role in preserving our dogs well being and energy levels. Just like humans, it is well documented that pets experience physiologic benefits from activity.


Engaging in activities that challenge each dog’s mind is vital for keeping them sharp and preventing boredom or behavior problems. Enrichment involves activities that engage their senses, curiosity and natural behaviors.


A balanced diet tailored to meet their requirements is key to supporting their health and longevity. Each pet has specific needs based on factors like age, breed, activity level and health condition.


Roles and responsibilities play a large part in the lives of all animals. Addressing this facet of pet ownership can help negate behavior issues and unnecessary increased stress levels.


Creating and exposing the animal to engaging environments is crucial for maintaining the pets health and happiness.


With endless options, advice, discouragement and opinions bombarding owners, is it any wonder that they arrive at our clinics frustrated, bewildered and overwhelmed? They were thrilled about their new pet and now they are in the cross fire of well-meaning family and friends, pet companies, and social media – all vying for their attention and dollars and offering questionable combinations of advice.

Veterinarians are overwhelmed with a deluge of information, 15 minute appointments and countless questions throughout the day that challenged their brains, experience, and the ability to multitask. Thi sis a primary factor in veterinarian burnout, emotional fatique and ultimately walking away from the vet industry.

The main problem with this difficult reality? The animal loses on both sides. As veterinary clinicians and technicians, we didn’t get into this profession to see as many animals as possible per hour, day after day. Responsible owners want someone who invests as much time and effort in the health and outcomes of their pet as much as they do.


The veterinary industry has known from the first day of vet school to approach the animal as a whole unit. Unfortunately, after graduation veterinarians are overwhelmed with a deluge of information, 15 minute appointments and countless questions throughout the day that challenged their brains, experience, and the ability to multitask. This is a primary factor in veterinarian burnout, emotional fatigue and ultimately walking away from the vet industry.

Additionally, veterinarians are taught that every animal is our sole responsibility, which leads to an overwhelming fear of making mistakes, and the elevation of every problem becoming a five alarm problem. Over a short period of time this leads to control issues, which only funnels more decision making questions back to the veterinarian. This leaves the veterinarian alone on an island that they created.

Veterinarians and their staffs choose this career because of a lifelong desire to care of animals. This is not just a job, this is a core belief system.

But there is a huge problem. Burnout in our industry has reached epic numbers and proportions.1 Vets are desperately needed and wanted across the country. Due to the rising costs of every single facet of running a veterinary office, we now must fight for every dollar, every patient, and every pet just to keep things afloat. Many have sought business advice which dictates an increase in productivity, more revenue per transaction and more transactions per hour.

The Coerenza Approach requires dedication, commitment and consistency, but the upsides include client loyalty, happier and more productive staff that ‘buys in’ to the right type of medicine to practice. Most importantly, it produces healthier, happier pets that are balanced and enjoying a remarkable quality of life, which is the primary reason we were called to treat animals.

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